Confessions of a terrible blogger

Hello! I am a terrible blogger.

It’s not even that life gets in the way, it’s just that I don’t set the time for it. I could be blogging, but I’m absently scrolling Facebook. I could be blogging, but I’m looking at things I am never, ever going to cook on Pinterest. I could be blogging, but… other stuff! SHINY THINGS!

But I plan on doing better, and this blog post that I just read this morning is a big part of why.

I want to get to know people.


We don’t necessarily have to sit outside and watch clouds together, but you get the basic idea.

From Kristen Lamb’s blog comes this great reminder about building relationships. It’s part of being an author… if we want to make a living at it.

“Entropy is REAL and Author Careers Need Feeding DAILY”

I encourage writers to blog. Heck, it should be an area of strength—WORDS. Writers write. Blogs have the power to create long-term passionate relationships with…readers. Only about 8% of the population defines themselves as avid readers. This means 92% of the population still needs entertaining and informing. Most of them have smart phones, and a lot have tablets. They won’t go to a bookstore…but they will buy on-line.

It’s not always easy to keep connected, especially when your real drive is just to write and write and write at your work-in-progress, but this is a nice reminder that it’s necessary… and also that treating your writing as your career, with demands that include things like blogging, helps it maintain its central importance in your life.

I know that for me, keeping writing as my central focus can be difficult. That’s partially because I write from home and it’s very easy to fall into this trap of thinking that just because you’re home all day long, housework has some place in your work-day. It doesn’t. Your work-day is just that — your work-day! If you don’t have time to do the dishes before you have to leave for the office, you come home and do the dishes later. If you’re working from home, ignore the dishes. You can do them later, after you’ve finished work!

Adding blogging and social media into the mix isn’t always easy, of course, sometimes I just want to write! But I’m going to be better at scheduling it in, at the very least.

It’s partially because I want to make a career out of writing, I admit. But it’s also to build relationships with amazing writers, with brave over-achievers, with other people who might be sitting cross-legged on their sofa for six hours at a time, typing away all alone while the world goes spinning by outside their windows.

So I’m going to blog more, and tweet more, and maybe even, if I really have to, Facebook more! Because I want to get to know all of you fabulous people! Say hi, share your blog, and let’s be friends!