Hello from Sydney!

Hello, I’m Sydney Alexander! Thanks for visiting my page.

I write historical romances with a variety of themes and time periods, but my ladies all have one thing in common: they’re horsewomen! The first two books in my Heroines on Horseback series are available now from Amazon.

Miss Spencer Rides Astride coverThe Genuine Lady Cover

In my head, I’m an English lady in, oh, 1815, let’s say, and I have a country house, park-land, a stable full of hunters, and I’m one of the most daring ladies in England when following the hounds. I like it in my head!

In reality, I’m a writer who sits in front of a MacBook for hours on end, imagining all of these adventures. I like it here, too.

Reviews for Miss Spencer Rides Astride:

If you are looking for a regency with a Heroine with some spunk this is the one for you! Probably my favorite of the 200+ I’ve read this year. Funny and lively.

(amazon.com review)

The book was just as well written as one of the leading lights of the Traditional Regency Romance genre. And it was a traditional regency. That delighted me. The plot is rather adorable, two stubborn people resisting the efforts of their loved ones to control their lives and happen to cross paths and fall in love.

(amazon.com review)

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