Miss Spencer Rides Astride is now available!


Good news! The ebook of MISS SPENCER RIDES ASTRIDE, my new Regency Romance, is now available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Look for it soon from iTunes and Kobo, as well.

Miss Spencer Rides Astride, Romance Novel, Sydney Alexander

Miss Spencer Rides Astride. Isn’t she precious?

MISS SPENCER weds my love for horses and romance with a very special couple, Grainne Spencer and William Archwood. She is the daughter of an Irish Master of Hounds, who spends her days running the yard, riding horses, and basically behaving in a most unladylike fashion. He is the son of an earl, affianced to a woman he can’t bear, and on the run from his name and his fate.

When William Archwood comes to Grainne’s stable as a huntsman, it is with the understanding that he will take over the management of the yard once Grainne has been properly reined in and married off. Grainne is determined, however, that she will never live a boring, “proper” life. And she certainly won’t be married to the local squire, a sheep-obsessed bore whom her father seems to think is the perfect match for his high-spirited daughter.

Grainne has a plan of her own.

William, fascinated by the bold Miss Spencer, can’t resist following her when she rides out alone. But day after day, she simply disappears into the countryside. He can’t figure out where she is going… until he overhears a conversation at the local pub that shocks him into action.

Amongst the green pastures and fine blood-horses of Ireland, Mr. Archer and Miss Spencer must fight against the fates others have planned for them — and the undeniable attraction that has sparked between them.

I’m so excited to share this story with the world. Miss Spencer and Mr. Archer mean a lot to me (as do their horses). This is the first of three books I’m calling “Heroines on Horseback,” to honor their equestrienne leading ladies. The next one is in production now!

And if you’re interested in reviewing a copy of MISS SPENCER for a blog or multiple sales outlets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Amazon: Miss Spencer Rides Astride for Kindle

Barnes & Noble: Miss Spencer Rides Astride for Nook


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