The Three R’s

Welcome to … by Sydney Alexander, a new blog about writing, romance, and the Regency. (We’ll call them the three R’s!)

I decided to join the romance community after reading historical romances for the past… oh… fifteen years or so. What a world they opened up for me! I was something of a prodigy in European History, if you don’t mind my saying so. I was very knowledgeable about British government, about a thousand years’ worth of battles, wars, and skirmishes, and aced all my geography tests. Plus I knew all about corsets and hemlines and walking gowns and when they invented buttons…

And people call romances trashy!

I absolutely adore Jane Austen, although I can’t quite get into the fanfic, so you probably won’t see me dipping my toes in that water. Austen’s books inhabit the early nineteenth century, which for some reason fascinates me the most of all. I know I’m not alone — there isn’t an entire genre of Regency Romances without good reason. The Regency period is so alluring… I’m going to talk about it a lot here!


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